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High-insulated high-speed doors from DAN-doors are Nagel-Group's preferred solution for their cold storage warehouses

November 6, 2023

Cost-effective, energy-efficient and reliable door solutions for Nagel Group's temperature-controlled logistics centers.

DAN-doors is proud to be the preferred supplier of door solutions for Nagel-Group, an expert in temperature-controlled food logistics.

During 2023, we have delivered more than 60 highly insulated high-speed doors to five of Nagel Group's logistics centers in Germany. With 130 cold storage halls for storing, transporting and distributing temperature-controlled goods, energy consumption is a heavy item on Nagel Group's budget, and DAN-doors's highly insulated high-speed doors improve the transport giant's premises to optimize energy consumption without compromising logistics operations.

Minimal cold loss - maximum efficiency

DAN-doors' family of highly insulated doors provides customers with optimal conditions to operate with high efficiency in high traffic areas while minimizing the cold loss that occurs while the doors are closed. DAN-doors is the only door manufacturer in the world that can produce snabbrullportar with such thick insulated slats, and the patented slat system ensures that the doors can withstand temperatures as low as minus 30° Celsius without freezing.

This feature makes the gates suitable as stand-alone solutions, meaning there is no longer a need to invest in a sliding gate for night-time use. At the same time, the gate system is constructed in a way that makes it resistant to the damage that can occur from collisions.

Economy, efficiency, convenience - and in line with the green agenda

The logistical and operational advantages of DAN-doors' solutions also make them economically attractive:

  • Investments are reduced from two solutions per opening to one
  • Energy loss while the door is closed is minimized
  • service costs are minimal as the gates don't break in collisions
  • There is no downtime associated with damage caused by collisions

The majority of the doors have been delivered to two newly built warehouse and logistics centers in Munich and Nuremberg, where more than 20 highly insulated high-speed doors have been installed at each location. In the other four locations, existing doors have been replaced with DAN-doorsinsulated doors.