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Robust steel doors for all industries

DAN-doors develops and produces stainless steel doors of the best quality on the market

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Steel doors for all needs

Steel doors of very high quality

At DAN-doors you get high quality steel doors with a very long lifetime.

Steel doors are attractive for use in construction and other industries where features such as soundproofing and toughness are a requirement, and at DAN-doors we have a wide range of different solutions for different purposes.

Our steel doors have many different applications, and today we supply - among other things - fire doors, sliding doors, security doors, swing doors and High Speed doors to customers with different requirements and needs.

We have 40 years of experience in producing steel doors and we know that the choice of materials is crucial to quality. We use only the very best quality materials, which is why many of our products are still in use and fully functional, even after more than 30 years of wear and tear.  

3 quick answers about steel doors

1) Is it safe to flush steel doors and clean with heavy duty detergents?

Yes. We make doors from different grades of steel so they can withstand the environments in which they will be used.

Many of our solutions are used in the food industry and must therefore be able to withstand the use and hygiene that applies here.

2) What are the advantages of a steel door?

Steel is strong and durable, it can be shaped
into almost anything, and it can be recycled almost endlessly. 

The steel has an attractive surface and is easy to clean, which makes it hygienic and attractive for use in the food industry, among others.

In addition, stainless steel can resist corrosion in even very aggressive environments and is a material that is very strong, even under high temperatures. 

3) Can I choose my own finishes for my steel door?

At DAN-doors , we focus on delivering products that are robust and long-lasting, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design.

You can get our steel doors in different finishes, including patterned, circular polished and painted.

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Shall we help you?

Would you like to know more about our materials and steel doors, or do you need feedback for a specific project? Perhaps you are unsure whether acid-proof stainless steel is required for your project?

You are always very welcome to contact us. We have extensive knowledge of the requirements for different door solutions, depending on the environment they will be used in, and we would be happy to have a no-obligation chat.

Call us today or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the right solution.

steel door in cleanroom of pharmaceutical company
Two hinged doors, 2.5 metres high and almost two metres wide