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About us

A door is not just a door
About DAN-doors

Welcome to our world of doors

At DAN-doors we have specialised in developing and producing doors for all purposes in all sectors and all sizes since 1983. Many of our customers have done business with us for several decades because they know that they are getting solutions from us that will last for many years, and over the years we have solved tasks that seemed impossible.

A more efficient business

At DAN-doors we know what we're talking about

Every day we work to develop and improve doors that make our customers' business more efficient, more sustainable, safer and more responsible.

We put our experience and expertise at your disposal to ensure you get the best supervision, because it's important to us that you get the right solution for your business.

It is not without reason that many of Denmark's major companies choose us as a supplier of doors for their projects - large and small - and we are proud that many of them have been loyal customers for several decades.

Shall we help you


A dedicated team of more than 50 specialists

At DAN-doors we are a team. They are the people who create your doors, and every door we send out has been on a journey through our various departments, where our skilled and dedicated colleagues have carefully ensured that you get a quality product that you can have for years to come.