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Hotels, restaurants and kitchens

An industry that thrives on the well-being of its customers

Our customers in central kitchens, hotels and restaurants have high demands on hygiene, food safety and fire safety. The solutions we typically provide are therefore doors for refrigeration and freeze as well as fire doors or fire curtains.

Hygiene and food safety

In a business that thrives on serving guests good food, food safety is paramount.

Critical consumers demand "happy smileys" and poor hygiene can destroy business for restaurants, hotels and central kitchens. To minimise the risk of bacterial growth, hygiene needs to be top-notch, so kitchen solutions need to both ensure correct food storage temperatures and be able to withstand cleaning with harsh solvents. 

The doorsthat DAN-doors supplies to the food industry are made of high-quality stainless or acid-proof steel, precisely to ensure that they can withstand flushing and intensive cleaning.

In addition, our doors for refrigeration and freeze are available with different insulation performance, so our customers can get the solution that is the best match for their needs in terms of functionality and price, and all our refrigeration and freezer doors are designed and manufactured to optimise the safety of food in cold rooms.

Fire safety

A fire door or fire curtain can save lives and protect people, equipment and the building itself in the event of a fire.

DAN-doors supplies both fire doors and fire curtains for hotels, restaurants and central kitchens.

For kitchens - both central kitchens and kitchens in hotels and restaurants - we have supplied fire doors for refrigeration and freezer rooms, where the doors both insulate and minimise energy loss, while protecting foodstuffs, which often represent considerable value, from fire.

In areas with guests, such as restaurants, foyers and conference rooms, fire curtains are an elegant solution to discreetly separate fire zones and create safe escape routes for both guests and staff.

DAN-doors deliver

Different solutions in a nice finish for the service sector

We supply many different products to the service sector. In addition to solutions for cold rooms and freezers, we also supply hinged doors for toilets, rooms and facades. We supply swing doors for passage from kitchen to restaurant, and we supply elegant profile doors that create light and atmosphere.

All solutions are available in different colours to blend naturally and discreetly into the building.

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