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Customised solutions for high-tech slaughterhouses

At DAN-doors , we are known for finding solutions to even the most complex challenges, which is one of the reasons why we are so successful in supplying doors and gates to our customers in the slaughterhouse, who have very high demands on food safety and efficiency. When we supply sliding doors, High Speed doors and swing doors to slaughterhouses, we know that it is vital that they are manufactured from the right materials and designed for use in harsh environments.

Food safety

Food safety is paramount in slaughterhouses.

Therefore, high demands are placed on both hygiene and temperature control, and the door and gate solutions we supply are carefully selected to meet the most stringent food safety requirements.

Our solutions for the food industry are made of high-quality stainless or acid-proof steel and designed to withstand daily flushing and harsh cleaning.

The pushbuttons are waterproof so they won't be damaged during cleaning, and touch-free access solutions are available to minimise the number of contact surfaces.

Our insulated doors and gates ensure correct temperatures in both cold and freezer rooms, so food safety is top of mind, and these are solutions that both improve efficiency and minimise energy loss.

Customised solutions

Custom designed and manufactured doors for a versatile industry.

Slaughterhouses need transport systems and automated processes that make production more efficient.

The layout of slaughterhouses is therefore typically very individual and requires special solutions for both production and warehouse, which places high demands on the doors that protect the different sections and ensure a high level of food safety.

That's why slaughterhouses need great flexibility and expertise to produce doors that are customised to fit the exact layout and multiple transport systems, and that's one of the areas where we at DAN-doors draw on our years of experience in designing, engineering and producing custom doors.


High quality is part of our DNA.

We develop our solutions to be robust and resistant to the use and wear that comes with the different environments in which they are used.

When we choose to produce our doors from the highest quality materials and components, it's because we're proud that our solutions are still in use and fully functional, even after up to 30-35 years, and we can confidently promise our customers that they'll get much more than what they see.

They don't just get a door. They get a product that represents good craftsmanship and high quality in every detail. You get doors created with the soul and care of a modern company with traditional values.

DAN-doors deliver

Customised doors for slaughterhouses

DAN-doors' doors and gates are installed in slaughterhouses of all sizes throughout Europe.

Modern slaughterhouses are equipped with high-tech transport systems, and our solutions are attractive because we have extensive experience in making cuts and other customisations that allow customers to set up their production the way they want.  

    steel doors at Atria slaughterhouse with conveyor systems
    high quality stainless steel door at Atria slaughterhouse
    flexible solutions at slaughterhouse
    Steel door in slaughterhouse with cut-out for transport system
    High Speed door improves efficiency in slaughterhouses

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