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High quality kits-sets

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DAN-matic kit-sets

Stainless steel


Manual or automatic

1-Leaf or 2-Leaf


DAN-matic kit-sets for chill

The DAN-matic concept allows customers all over the world to buy DAN-doors' quality doors, shipped as individual parts for complete door solutions. For chill purposes, we offer both manual and automatic operation, as well as 1-Leaf and 2-Leaf solutions for various door sizes. 


DAN-matic kit-sets for freeze

DAN-matic is our export concept for OEM customers who request high quality door solutions for chill and freeze purposes. DAN-matic gives them the opportunity to buy complete door systems, except for the door leaf itself, which they produce locally.

3 quick answers about swing doors

1) Which revolving door should I choose?

You can get swing doors in most sizes and both 1-leaf and 2-leaf, so we'll find a solution. Whether it's a PC, PVC or insulated swing door you need, we'll help you find out. Basically, it's about where the door will be used and how harshly it will have to withstand in hg 

2) When to use a PVC swing door?

PVC swing doors are popular in the food industry, including slaughterhouses and dairies. The doors' robust construction with stainless steel hangers, combined with extremely durable PVC door leaves, means that the doors can withstand daily collisions with either pallets, trolleys or other transport equipment.

3) What are the advantages of an insulated swing door?

Insulated swing doors are tailor-made for high-traffic cold rooms. Here you get both an insulated door that helps you save energy by reducing cold loss from the cold room, and you get a door that creates smooth and efficient traffic to and from your cold room.  

Kasper Boeriis is an expert in doors and gates. Here he stands smiling with cap in DAN-doors' production 1


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Shall we help you?

Do you want us to help you find the right swing door for your needs?

We have experience with revolving doors for slaughterhouses, dairies, supermarkets, warehouses and many other applications, and we will be happy to help you decide which revolving door is best for your needs.

Call us today or send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the right solution.

swing door from DAN-doors with blue sliding panel
PC swing door with black wear plate in combination with hinged safety door in stainless steel
Many PC swing doors in a row ensure high hygiene
Swing door in MENY supermarket with frosted Polycarbonate and kick plates
Emergency exit through revolving door with black kick plates