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Theatre / Culture

Safety and aesthetics

Our solutions for theatres and cultural institutions are primarily aimed at fire safety and securing escape routes.  


Safety is crucial in crowded areas, and fire safety regulations have been tightened significantly in recent years.

A fire curtain or a fire door can save lives, and the rules in cultural institutions, such as theatres, cinemas, museums, concert halls, etc. require high safety measures to minimise the risk of visitors being caught in a fire.

At DAN-doors we never compromise on safety and we provide various solutions for fire protection of theatres, cinemas, galleries, museums, etc. For example, we have supplied 14-metre long fire curtains and fire doors with intelligent sensors that activate the various solutions to create escape routes upon detection of fire or smoke. 


Solutions for cultural institutions should be neat and unobtrusive, preferably disappearing into the interior, which is often the focus of much work and resources.

Fire solutions are designed to stop the spread of fire, and consist of fire-retardant materials that take up a lot of space. It can be an art (!) to create solutions that provide the necessary safety without detracting from the design and expression of the building, especially in places where large openings need to be protected, such as theatres or cinemas.

At DAN-doors , we know the rules for fire protection and we have a good eye for which solutions will work well, both functionally and aesthetically, in different situations. 


DAN-doors deliver

Solutions that enhance the cultural experience

Modern cultural institutions provide visitors with an experience. A lot of work goes into creating universes that take visitors on a journey, and a door or fire curtain that doesn't fit in with the rest of the décor can ruin part of that experience.

Aesthetics aren't the most important thing, but they are important, and at DAN-doors we go to great lengths to create solutions that are right for our customers - and not just acceptable out of necessity.  

    fire curtain in cinema is half submerged
    the fire curtain in front of the stage at Viborg theatre seen from the stage side
    The fire curtain at Viborg theatre during the production
    dropped fire curtain in a cinema
    lowered fire curtain protects against fire spread

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