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It has to be done right - the first time.

DAN-doors deliver

Special production

We do our preparatory work properly every time we start a project.

Tailor-made solutions and good craftsmanship

It is DAN-doors's aim to meet every company's needs for industrial doors, and we therefore work wholeheartedly to supply the products our customers demand.

We develop, customise and produce door solutions with customer-specific features, and we have solved many seemingly impossible tasks over the years.

For example, we have supplied 3-wing, 5-wing and multi-wing cold insulating sliding doors for use in cold rooms, some of which also serve as fire doors. We have produced door solutions of all kinds in extreme sizes, and we have supplied fire curtains of up to 14 metres.

Our product portfolio grows in line with our customers' needs, and many of our products started with a demand and a subsequent collaboration with a customer. In this way, in dialogue with our customers - and based on their specific needs - we have created a number of the solutions that we offer today to customers across Europe and the rest of the world.

Care and attention to detail

Our production staff make sure that every door that is sent on is produced with care and a keen eye for detail. 

When a door is passed from the technical department to production, it starts in our sheet metal department. It is then sent for door assembly, sealing and final dispatch. 

Every time a door goes to the next stage, all configurations and details are checked against the order, ensuring our customers receive a product that is the result of good, old-fashioned, solid craftsmanship.

Custom doors for all needs

We know what it takes to produce high-quality door solutions that our customers can enjoy for years to come.

Want to know more about our solutions or our quality assurance?

    Get professional and qualified advice on your special solution for doors 

    Our many years of experience with clients in many industries have given us the knowledge that today makes us a qualified advisor and sparring partner, and we are proud that our clients choose us and have done so loyally over several decades.

    Do you also want supervision and advice for your next special solution in doors and gates? We would love to do from you. 

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