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Cold storage solutions

Think and act greener with an efficient solution for your cold room

A safe choice for your cold room

Proven and energy efficient solutions for cooling

Cold room solutions are part of our DNA and we can safely say that over the years we have delivered solutions for chill and freeze in almost all configurations. Common to all our solutions is that they represent a quality beyond the ordinary. All materials are carefully selected to ensure unrivalled durability for many years to come, and we offer different steel grades for different applications, so our customers get the door that is the best match for their individual needs in terms of function, quality and price.

Strict insulation and hygiene requirements

A cold room door is most often used in the food industry, and our solutions for chill naturally meet the applicable requirements in terms of hygiene and insulation, among other things.

Our cold room doors are efficiently insulated and developed with surfaces that meet the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry. We find solutions where there are challenges, which is why our cold room doors are available with heating wires to prevent condensation. 


Sliding doors in acid-proof stainless steel for Danish Crown

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Our solutions for cold rooms

High reliability, long durability and optimised insulation performance are the key parameters for food and beverage companies to achieve significant competitive advantages and lower operating costs.

Sliding doors for cold storage and freezer rooms

We supply sliding doors in various materials and in almost all sizes.

DAN-doors' sliding doors are flexible and can be integrated with other automatic installations, such as conveyors or sluices, and they naturally comply with the strictest requirements in the food industry.

The doors are available with manual or automatic operation.

Automatically operated doors are adapted to your needs, both in terms of the operation of the automation and the opening/closing speed, so that any risk of being trapped is minimised and to ensure that the doors always comply with the strictest safety requirements.

Which solution best suits your needs - sliding door with manual or automatic operation - depends on the purpose and use of the door and what is most practical.

Our sliding doors are produced in several different finishes and can also be painted in specific RAL colours according to your wishes. The sliding doors require virtually no (or minimal) maintenance, so you can concentrate on what's important to you.

Hinged cold room doors

Our hinged doors are produced in very high quality stainless steel and are approved for the food industry, where high demands are made on hygiene and temperature safety.

You can choose between 60 mm and 100 mm insulation, giving you the flexibility to choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Our hinged doors for cold rooms are made of extremely durable materials and characterised by representing a robustness and reliability beyond the ordinary. The doors are available in both single and double-leaf versions and can be painted in any RAL colour, so you get the solution that exactly matches your wishes and needs.

Our hinged cold room doors are popular in various industries, such as:

  • Employee carrying goods on truck in cold room and seen under a vertical fire door
    Energy efficient solutions for cold rooms

    Higher efficiency and effective insulation improve energy bills

  • Two safety doors with warning signs for cold room
    High quality safety doors and cold room doors 

    When safety is important in the cold room

  • Stainless steel sliding doors at slaughterhouse
    Stainless steel doors for the most demanding environments

    Built to withstand rough use, wear and tear and stringent hygiene standards

  • Two hinged doors, 2.5 metres high and almost two metres wide
    Hinged doors in all sizes

    Two hinged doors, 2.5 metres high and almost two metres wide.


High Speed doors are tailor-made for high traffic locations, as the fast opening and closing speed creates optimal conditions for smooth and safe logistics with trucks.

DAN-doors' High Speed doors are reliable solutions that both ensure a better working environment and minimise your cold losses. 

Our solutions are naturally adapted to your needs, both in terms of size, operation and function.


High Speed doors for chill insulate the cold and thus minimise energy loss. At the same time, their high opening and closing speed reduces the period during which the cold or freeze compartments are exposed to warmer air, both of which help to optimise energy consumption.


For freeze, you can choose both lightweight doors with a 2 or 4 mm cloth, or  stand-alone solutions with insulated door leaves.

The lightweight High Speed doors for freezer rooms require night shielding, whereas the stand-alone doors are effectively insulated and require no additional investment. At the same time, the insulated High Speed doors have the advantage of the same fast opening speed as the lightweight doors.


High Speed doors for industry are robust and reliable. They are equipped with the latest and most advanced technology on the market and have a lightning-fast opening and closing speed that ensures you optimal logistics, efficiency and high security.

DAN-doors' High Speed doors are available for cold and freezer rooms, cleanroom and industrial applications.

Swing doors for cold rooms

We have swing doors in different materials and qualities, allowing us to tailor the solution specifically to your needs.

For cold rooms, we have swing doors in polycarbonate, PVC or insulated swing doors with 40 mm insulation. All solutions are reliable and require minimal maintenance. They are also robust and have a very long lifespan.

PVC swing doors are designed for use in the food industry, where high hygiene requirements apply. They have a strong and robust construction with stainless steel "gallow" and a PVC door leaf that is extremely durable and can withstand daily collisions with trucks, trolleys or other logistics elements.

Insulated swing doors give you the benefits of an insulated door, combined with the ease of access of a swing door. They are produced with food-approved sealings and are ideal for supermarkets, slaughterhouses, dairies or other food establishments.

Strip curtains

A simple product with an important function.

Strip curtains are particularly useful for openings where there is a need to keep the door open for longer periods at a time. This can be the case, for example, when filling goods in a cold store or freezer.

Our Strip curtains are available with strips of 2 or 3 mm with different overlaps.

Vertical sliding doors

Vertical sliding doors save space and ensure you make the most of the space around the door.

The vertical sliding doors are produced to the same high standards as our regular sliding doors and naturally meet the strictest requirements in the food industry, where great attention is paid to hygiene, durability and functionality.

Are you left with questions?

Every day, our skilled team of different specialists advise and put together solutions for our customers.

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    Are you left with questions?

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want answers to your questions. We'll be happy to answer them as soon as possible. 

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