Shops and shopping centres

An industry with a high level of customised solutions

Safety, aesthetics and quality are key words for our customers in shops, shopping centres and supermarkets. Our customers have different needs and requirements depending on their size and segment, among other things, and we provide many different solutions for this industry.


Common to all our customers in the retail industry is that the requirement for personal security is extremely high. This applies both to the safety of staff during store operations and to the general safety of customers and staff in the event of fire.

For grocery stores and supermarkets, solutions are needed that create a smooth and efficient workflow. We supply High Speed doors and sliding doors for the refrigeration and freezer compartments - with manual or automatic operation, depending on the size of the store.

We also supply swing doors that separate the warehouse from the shop, and we supply hinged doors that can also act as security doors and fire doors.

For shopping centres characterised by wide aisles and large openings, we also supply fire curtains that are automatically activated when smoke or fire is detected, separating fire zones and securing escape routes for both customers and staff. 


Whether the store's design is oriented towards exclusive goods or discount products, the interior design and colour choice have been thought through. 

All our doors and gates can be custom-made in the colour of your choice, and the tablecloth for High Speed doors can be supplied with a print of your choice to convey a specific message or emphasise your store's brand.

For shopping centres, where design and aesthetics are particularly important, it can be a challenge to integrate fire safety solutions that do not detract from the store façade. Although aestheticsare not the most important factor, they are, and fire curtains are a practical solution that provide the required fire safety in a discreet design that does not detract from the store's appearance.


If the doors and gates are made to a good quality and with good workmanship, they will last longer.

They become tougher and more resistant to wear and tear and the accidents and collisions that happen in a busy day.

In the grand scheme of both chain stores and independent shops, longevity is of great economic importance, as repair and service costs are kept to a minimum. It also supports stores' climate and environmental work, as fewer replacements for new products keeps production of new and disposal of old at a healthy level.

DAN-doors deliver

Doors and gates that keep society running

We supply doors and gates to stores and shopping centres across Europe, and we use the knowledge we gain from working closely with our customers every day. 

Over the years, we've gained valuable insight into their wants and needs, and our retail solutions are designed to solve their day-to-day challenges.

Discreetly installed fire curtain at shop in shopping centre
fire curtain at entrance to shop in shopping centre
revolving doors in grocery store
profile doors supplemented with night sliding doors for cold rooms in grocery stores
tablecloth for roller door with self-selected print

Are you left with questions?

Get help to tailor your personal door or gate.

In the retail sector, the demand for customisation is high and we have supplied doors to places as diverse as small specialist shops, large supermarkets, shopping centres and fashion boutiques. Write to us - we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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