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Safety first

Solutions that optimise the safety of people and equipment

Safety at all levels

At DAN-doors we never compromise on security

For DAN-doors , security is integrated into every fibre of our business. 

Safety for our customers starts with safety for ourselves. From the customer's first contact to the finished product, safety is considered at every stage.

For our customers, this means that they can feel completely confident that the solution they have received from DAN-doors has been developed, tested, manufactured and installed to the highest safety standards on the market.

Many of our solutions are specifically designed to meet different security needs, including fire safety and intrusion protection, but the majority of our products provide other forms of security, including the protection of people, equipment and buildings under different conditions.

Protect your assets

3 advantages of security doors

At DAN-doors we develop and produce high quality doors for consumers all over the world.

But what are the real benefits of security doors? Read on for three good reasons to invest in security doors.
We can make security doors with RC3 + RC4 certification to European standards.

Protection against burglary

The most obvious advantage of a security door is that your valuables are better protected.

A burglary is not just an unpleasant and offensive experience - it can also mean the loss of valuables and important documents of financial value.

In the end, it also means that your company has to spend unnecessary energy reporting the burglary to the insurance company.

A visit by intruders can therefore cost more resources than those lost in the break-in itself. That's why it pays to get ahead of thieves - for example, by installing burglar-proof doors on your premises.

Lower energy consumption

Security doors are not only a crime prevention measure.

Modern security doors also have a heat-insulating effect, so it's not just possible burglaries that your business saves by installing security doors.

The tightly insulated security doors are significantly better at keeping the heat in and the cold out than ordinary doors - and this shows on the heating bill.

Protection in case of fire

Security doors can be manufactured as fire doors, where they have the advantage of protecting against smoke and fire in the event of a fire.

In case of an accident, a solid quality door will prevent fire and toxic smoke from spreading to the rest of the building.

Thus, a fire door protects against possible personal injury and damage to equipment.

Are you left with questions?

Every day, our skilled team of different specialists advise and put together solutions for our customers.

Please contact us if you would like us to help you with your project or if you have any questions. You can send us a message via the contact form, send us an email at or call us at +45 87 93 87 00.

We'll get back to you quickly and look forward to helping you find the right solution.

    Are you left with questions?

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want answers to your questions. We'll be happy to answer them as soon as possible. 

      Experienced and competent consulting on secure doors for all trades

      We ask the right questions so we can find the best solution for you. Perhaps you need a High Speed door with automatic operation to protect against pinch damage? Or doors with intelligent access control to prevent unauthorised entry?

      Call or write to us to learn more about the possibilities.