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High quality solutions for a demanding industry

DAN-doors has since its inception in 1983 provided solutions to the fishing industry that demand very high standards of food safety and robustness. We supply everything from High Speed doors to sliding doors, hinged doors and swing doors - and any other door solution our customers demand. 

When we supply doors to the fishing industry, we know that they must meet very high standards of food safety, quality and hygiene, and these requirements have influenced the development of every detail of our solutions.

Food safety and hygiene

Food safety and hygiene go hand in hand.

In an industry that catches and delivers fish to customers as diverse as (among others) fishmongers, hotels, restaurants and food producers, food safety is paramount.

In order to achieve the correct conditions for optimal food safety, the fishing industry sets very high standards for daily hygiene and correct temperatures, so that the risk of bacteria is reduced to an absolute minimum.

This means that all doors are made of materials that are suitable for the material requirements of the area, including flushing and cleaning with harsh agents.

It also means that the doors optimise the premises to keep temperatures low so that food safety is top of mind, and as with any business with cold rooms, solutions are needed that minimise energy costs.

The doors that DAN-doors supplies to the fishing industry are equipped with the necessary insulation to guarantee optimal conditions for food storage, while being designed to improve the efficiency and energy-efficiency of the fishing industry.   


High quality is part of our DNA.

When we choose to produce our doors and gates from the highest quality materials and components we can find, it's because we're proud that our solutions are still in use and fully functional, even after up to 30-35 years.

We develop our solutions to be robust and resistant to the use and wear that comes with the different environments in which they are used.

The design itself is based on many advanced calculations by our skilled engineers and extensive wear and fatigue tests.

All materials and components are also quality-tested before being released into our production, so we can confidently promise our customers that they'll get much more than meets the eye... That they'll get great craftsmanship and high quality in every detail - from fire-retardant foam to premium stainless steel. That they'll get watertight push-button switches and touch-free access solutions. That they get doors created with the soul and care you find in a modern company with traditional values.

DAN-doors deliver

Special solutions for fishing of all sizes

We have doors installed in the maritime sector across the Nordic region, helping a hard-working industry optimise their performance and turnover every day. 

We know the industry's expectations and requirements, and that equips us well to help our customers when they need a door.

    Are you left with questions?

    Get professional and qualified supervision on your special solution for the food industry

    At DAN-doors , we pride ourselves on having good and mutually beneficial communication and dialogue with our customers about their needs, as we continually learn how to make our solutions the most sought-after in the industry.

    Do you also want supervision and advice for your next special solution in doors and gates? We would love to do from you. 

    Send us a message via the contact form or send us an email at

      Send us a message via the contact form or send us an email at