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Schools and education

An industry with many considerations and a strong focus on safety, quality and aesthetics

Our solutions for schools and educational institutions are characterised by the fact that, alongside the requirements for the purpose and quality of the door, there is also a need to be able to adapt the appearance of the door to the design of the school.   


Common to all our solutions for schools, colleges, universities or vocational schools is that very high standards are set for the safety of students and teachers. The doors therefore often function as security doors or fire doors.  

Fire doors and fire curtains are designed to stop the spread of fire. They are made of fire-retardant materials and are equipped with safety measures to provide safe escape routes. 

For areas requiring particularly high security, such as locations with valuable equipment or knowledge, security doors are a discreet and effective way to protect against unauthorised access.

Security doors, like all our solutions, can be equipped with intelligent automation to control who has access to the premises, which is in demand for premises with access to sensitive information and research rooms, among others.      

Aesthetics and design

Our solutions for schools and educational institutions are characterised by the fact that they simultaneously have a concrete purpose and must be produced with regard to the school's design and expression.

This is reflected in the fact that some schools have colour coding to help smaller pupils find their way around. There are requirements for the colours in which doors are painted.

Other institutions may have specific security concerns, where fitting the premises with profiled doors and windows so that there is always a view in and out can provide security. Profile doors are also often chosen to create more light and thus improve the working environment and indoor climate. 


Quality is not a matter of course. High quality ensures a longer life and greater resistance to the wear and tear that comes with many different people using the doors every day.

In schools, doors are roughly handled by pupils who are in a hurry to get out for recess or on to other rooms. Doors therefore need to be able to handle children and many openings in a day, without shortening the durability and lifetime of the door.

DAN-doors' doors are produced in stainless steel and are robust solutions that both in hinges and construction last for many years.  

In educational institutions, doors are often equipped with door pumps to protect against hard closing and slamming. For places where there is a need to protect the door pumps, we can supply door pumps built into sliding rails.

DAN-doors deliver

Solutions that improve indoor climate and safety

A healthy and comfortable working environment is important for our well-being, which is why initiatives have been introduced in municipalities and around the country's schools and educational institutions to provide the best environment for learning.

When DAN-doors advises our clients in the education sector, we focus on combining different needs in the solutions to be included in school buildings, taking into account both the aesthetic expression and design as well as the need for high-quality solutions that will last for many years.  

    educational institution in concrete with grey fire doors
    view through security door of a school down a corridor
    Classroom with profile doors seen from the corridor
    view into a classroom through an open fire door in a school with concrete walls
    Smoking curtain at university

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