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Medical and microbiology

Focus on hygiene and safety

In the pharmaceutical and microbiology industry, there is a strong need for a high level of safety and strict hygiene requirements.  


In the pharmaceutical and microbiology industries, research is crucial. Knowledge is precious and must not fall into the wrong hands or be lost in the event of a fire.

Medical and microbiology companies therefore demand door solutions that meet the most stringent security requirements, and the solutions we provide to this industry are chosen based on three primary criteria: 


Our solutions are produced in very high quality stainless steel and are both in materials and construction solid solutions that provide maximum protection.

Access control

Locks and electronic access control help maintain a high level of security, allowing strict - and differentiated - parameters to be set for who has access to the premises. 

Fire safety

To provide the maximum protection in the event of fire, the majority of doors we supply to the pharmaceutical industry are also fire doors.  


With DAN-doors' solutions, it is possible to maintain the industry's strict hygiene requirements, both in terms of door quality and in terms of designing a secure infrastructure.

The good steel quality makes the doors resistant to cleaning with harsh solvents, which is necessary to prevent the development of bacteria.

In addition, the integration of sluices with advanced electronic, touch-free access control provides optimised conditions to minimise the number of contact surfaces and maintain high hygiene in the cleanrooms.

DAN-doors deliver

High-tech solutions for a high-tech industry

DAN-doors' broad product range allows pharmaceutical and microbiology companies to create the best environment for their business and processes. 

    steel door in cleanroom of pharmaceutical company
    Colours identify areas, here in pink in pharmaceutical company
    colour division between sections sharpens the senses
    extremely high level of security in the pharmaceutical industry - access forbidden at a door
    high-tech access solutions for top-secret buildings

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