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Warehouse and logistics

3 important parameters for our customers in the warehouse- and logistics industry

Our solutions for customers in the warehouse and logistics industry include sliding doors, high-speed doors, hinged doors, smoke ventilation doors, fire doors and security doors - many of them for chill and freeze.

When our customers in the warehouse and logistics industry choose us as a supplier, they do so on the basis of three primary criteria:

Versatile product range

Workflows in the warehouse and logistics industry require flexibility and different solutions to meet different needs.

For example:

  • High Speed doors for areas with heavy truck traffic
  • Energy-efficient sliding doors and insulated High Speed doors for chill- and freezer sections
  • Security doors and advanced access control for areas with particularly sensitive material.
  • Fire and smoke ventilation doors to protect both people and equipment in the event of fire.

DAN-doors has a large and varied product range, which allows our customers in the warehouse and logistics industry to get all solutions from one supplier. This offers a number of administrative and practical advantages, as there is only one supplier to coordinate with, for example in connection with assembly and service.    


High efficiency is the key.

In the warehouse and logistics industry, maintaining a high level of efficiency is a necessary part of business. 

Structure and agility are integrated into all work processes in daily planning, and the entire business is built around traffic and logistics.

Therefore, high efficiency is a key focus in this industry, which means that features such as opening and closing speed and remote access control are important parameters for achieving good results on the bottom line.

At the same time, it is important that the various access solutions incorporate the necessary security measures so that high efficiency is not achieved at the expense of security.


When doors are located in high traffic areas, the frequency of openings will inherently affect the level of wear.

At the same time, the risk of collisions is high, so it's important for our customers that the quality of their doors is top-notch, keeping repair, service and replacement costs down.

One of the reasons why our customers in the warehouse and logistics industry loyally choose us as their supplier year after year is that DAN-doors solutions represent the highest quality in both materials and construction on the market. 

Both our doors are characterised by a very long service life - even in environments with heavy wear and regular impacts.

DAN-doors deliver

Doors that keep society running

We supply doors to a wide range of Danish and international companies in the warehouse- and logistics industry.

Our close cooperation with our customers has given us valuable insight into their needs and wishes, and we have used this knowledge to improve and optimise the solutions we offer to the logistics industry today.


    Are you left with questions?

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    At DAN-doors , we pride ourselves on having good and mutually beneficial communication and dialogue with our customers about their needs, as we continually learn how to make our solutions the most sought-after in the industry.

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      Do you also want supervision and advice for your next special solution in doors and gates? We would love to do from you. 

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