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Since 1983, we have provided customer-specific services
DAN-doors - Your qualified advisor and sparring partner

Our services - starts with our knowledge

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Preliminary advice and supervision

Your solution always starts with a thorough consultation meeting, where you can benefit from our knowledge of:

  • What's important to you.
  • What characteristics are important for different purposes and different industries.
  • The importance of detail and precision.
  • Quality, materials and durability.
  • Assembly and wear.
  • Solutions to "impossible" tasks.
  • What it takes to be a responsible. supplier to quality-conscious customers.

Special production - every time

Do you have a special case that requires a special solution? Then don't hesitate to contact us. Our doors create security. Improves efficiency. Saves energy. Protects people and equipment. A door is therefore never just a door.

We aim to meet every company's needs for industrial doors. We develop and produce custom-made door solutions with customer-specific features for all industries.

All around you will therefore find DAN-doors solutions that are out of the ordinary. These include 3-wing, 5-wing and multi-wing sliding doors, which must be both cold insulating for use in cold rooms and in some cases function as fire doors.

Let our competent fitters take care of the setup and installation of your new special solution

A crucial factor for the lifetime and operation of the solution is that it is installed correctly. Several of our solutions are delivered ready to install, together with detailed installation instructions.

To ensure optimum operation, many special products require our competent fitters to carry out the installation and ensure that all sub-elements and automation are correctly fitted and subsequently adjusted.

Ongoing operation and maintenance is everything

In a large manufacturing company, door solutions can have a major impact on daily operations. Therefore, their ongoing maintenance is crucial to maintaining efficient production. Many of our customers therefore take out a service contract to ensure that the doors are always working optimally.

Since service tasks most frequently arise in connection with collisions, our service equipment is largely geared to this type of accident.

There are many advantages to a door from DAN-doors. One of them is our service network, which ensures fast and efficient assistance.