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Freezer room doors - doors for cold rooms

Optimise your daily operations with energy-efficient solutions

Energy efficient solutions for freeze

Higher efficiency and lower energy consumption

Our cold room solutions have been developed with a number of parameters in mind that are important to our customers' business, including:

  • Long lifetime
  • High energy efficiency
  • Smooth logistics
  • High hygiene standards

Whether you choose a hinged door, a sliding door, a High Speed door or another solution, you can be sure you're getting a high-quality product with a long life.

All freezer doors and gates are designed to comply with the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry, with particular regard to temperature safety and hygiene.

At the same time, we know that energy consumption is a heavy item on our customers' budgets, and our solutions are designed to minimise energy loss as much as possible through efficient insulation and optimisation of access conditions. 

All insulated doors are made of a robust construction with corner joints in strong stainless steel, and the doors are specially designed to withstand high loads and daily wear and tear with many collisions.

We develop, design and produce our products from our premises in Stilling, and our production combines traditional Danish craftsmanship with modern production methods and technologies.

The right solution saves energy and helps ensure optimal and economical climate control.


Freezer solutions for logistics company DSV

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Our freeze solutions

We provide cold room solutions of all kinds and can supply any insulated door, both in standard designs and as customised doors. Naturally, all our insulated doors comply with current energy, hygiene, fire and food safety requirements.

High Speed doors

We provide solutions that match all needs and requirements for

  • Energy efficiency
  • Opening speed
  • Application environment
  • Space

You can therefore choose both the lightweight 2 or 4 mm fabric doors, which require night-time shutter doors, or stand-alone solutions, which are both effectively insulated and have the fast opening speed of High Speed doors.

Naturally, we supply our High Speed doors for freeze with all the necessary features and advanced heaters that make them suitable for use in freezer rooms with very low temperatures.

Sliding doors

Designed with safety, energy efficiency and durability in mind, our sliding doors meet the most stringent requirements in the food industry.

    The configuration possibilities are not endless, but many, and you can freely compose your solution as 1-wing or 2-wing, with 100 or 150 mm insulation and with manual or automatic operation.

    That way, you get the solution that specifically suits your needs.

    The doors are supplied with fire-retardant foam and with heating cables that prevent both the door and the surrounding environment from freezing.

    The high quality of the sliding doors means that they are virtually maintenance-free and have a very long service life.

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      Functional and aesthetic sliding doors of very high quality

      The freezer doors are produced with heating cables in both frame and door leaf

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      Hinged doors for freeze

      can also act as fire doors

    • stainless steel sliding doors in slaughterhouse with cut-outs for conveyor belts
      Sliding doors with cut-outs for conveyor belts

      Stainless steel doors are ideal for food establishments where hygiene must be top priority


    Vertical sliding doors save space and ensure you make the most of the space around the door.

    Our vertical sliding doors are made to measure and with heating in the frame and door leaf to prevent the doors from freezing.

    The doors are of high quality and comply with the strictest requirements in the food industry, where great attention is paid to hygiene, durability and functionality.

    You have the freedom to choose the configuration that's right for you, as we supply both manual and automatic operation and with 100 mm or 150 mm insulation, as well as various optional extras, including a pedestrian door and lock. 

    Hinged doors

    Flexibility is the key word. Our hinged doors for freeze are available as single-leaf, double-leaf and multi-leaf doors.

    Available in a variety of finishes, including white PVC or acid-proof stainless steel, the doors are designed to withstand constant and harsh treatment.

    The solution that best suits your needs depends on the location of the door and what is most practical and aesthetic.

    If you want the door painted in a specific RAL colour, this is of course also possible and you don't have to worry about time-consuming maintenance, as the doors are virtually maintenance-free.

    Strip curtains

    Strip curtains is a low-cost solution to save energy in your cold room.

    The curtains help to minimise cold loss and at the same time protect against draughts and dust.

    The most common application is in openings where there is a need to keep the door open for longer periods of time. This can be, for example, in connection with the filling of goods in refrigerated or freezer rooms. 

    Thermo doors

    Thermo doors is a cheaper alternative to High Speed doors. Similarly to High Speed doors , the thermo doors help to minimise cold loss and create an effective filter against draughts, dust and noise, providing cleaner air and a better working environment. 

    The thermo doors can be mounted on both the hot and cold side of the wall.

    Are you left with questions?

    Every day, our skilled team of different specialists advise and put together solutions for our customers.

    Please contact us if you would like us to help you with your project or if you have any questions. You can send us a message via the contact form, send us an email at or call us at +45 87 93 87 00.

    We'll get back to you quickly and look forward to helping you find the right solution.

      Are you left with questions?

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want answers to your questions. We'll be happy to answer them as soon as possible. 

        Honest and qualified supervision on doors and gates

        Do you need a solution for cold rooms? Not sure which solution will work best?

        Let us help you find a door or gate that will satisfy you for years to come.

        Our expertise in cold room doors and gates goes back 40 years, and every day we help new and existing customers find the solution that will provide value for years to come. Because it doesn't matter whether you choose a hinged door, an insulated High Speed door, a sliding door or one of our other solutions. They all do something different, and we put our expertise at your disposal so you get the right solution from the start.