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Hinged doors

Get a very high quality hinged door for both interior and exterior use.

DAN-doors' hinged doors comply with EN-1627

This means that the doors are produced with rear edge protection, security locks and security strike plates. The doors are tested according to EN-1627. EN-1627 to achieve an RC3 classification, which is a burglary classification.

HINGED DOORS FOR FREEZING ROOMS - Energy saving solutions for freezing

Our hinged doors for freeze are available in both 1-leaf and 2-leaf versions with either 100 or 150 mm insulation. The single-leaf doors are hinged on the side required by the customer, and the double-leaf doors are available with an opening on one or both sides.

Of course, the doors can be delivered in the RAL color of your choice, so you get a door that matches your design wishes, giving you the freedom to choose the solution that suits your needs.

Common to all our hinged doors is that they represent a very high quality and comply with the strictest requirements in terms of safety and hygiene.

Our hinged doors for freeze come with fire-retardant foam and heating cables that prevent both the door and the surrounding environment from freez, and they are designed to have a very long service life.

HINGED COOLING ROOM DOORS - Robust solutions with high hygiene standards

With DAN-doors' insulated hinged steel doors, you get long-lasting and secure solutions for your cold room.

The doors are produced in very high quality stainless steel, approved for the food industry, where high demands are made on hygiene and temperature safety.

You can choose between 60 mm and 100 mm insulation for the doors, which are available as single or double-leaf, opening to the side you want and painted in the RAL colour that suits your brand and design.

The security doors are classified as RC3 and certified according to EN-1627.

HINGED DOORS FOR INDUSTRY - Industrial doors for all purposes

With our hinged doors for heavy and light industry, you get the most reliable and robust safety and fire doors on the market with a wide range of applications.

All our hinged doors are made of extremely durable materials. The doors are of high quality and have a very long service life, even under extremely demanding conditions, and you therefore get a long-term economically attractive solution.

All the hinged doors can be adapted to match the requirements for safety and use in escape routes or sensitive environments, such as food and cleanrooms.

Why you should choose

Hinged doors

High security

Customer specific

High reliability

Energy efficient

Hinged doors - FAQ

What is a security door?
In short, a security door is a solution that protects against burglary.
Security doors are manufactured and designed according to parameters that make it difficult to break in, protecting you from the unpleasant and inconvenient experience of a break-in. With a burglar-resistant door, you'll prevent easy break-ins and protect your valuables.
Is a security door and a fire door the same thing?
It can be the same, but it depends on the purpose. When we have a dialogue about your needs, we will clarify whether you need a security door that is certified to the RC3 burglar rating, whether you need a fire door, or whether you need a door that is both.
Which security door should I choose?
We'll help you decide which door to choose. Although the doors are similar, there are differences in how they're made and what approvals they have, and we'll help you find the right door for your needs so you make the right choise from the beginning.

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Shall we help you?

If you need advice and help finding the right product for your needs, you are always welcome to contact us.

We are experts in access solutions of all kinds for industry, and we are always ready to have a no-obligation chat.

Call us today or send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the right solution.