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Service Agreement you minimise unnecessary and inconvenient downtime.

DAN-doors offer

Our professional and experienced service team

You need your doors to last for many years, and our professional and experienced service team will help with measuring and installation, so you can be completely confident that your doors and gates are fitted correctly and not subjected to unnecessary wear and tear that will shorten their lifespan.

A service agreement contains
Maintain the doors for a long time

Thorough guidance

You'll get expert guidance on how to operate and maintain your DAN-doors solutions, so you can look after your doors and improve the chances of keeping them efficient and functional for years to come. Of course, our installation and service team will stay until everything is up and running and you're happy!

Fitters nationwide

Nationwide service

We have installers throughout the country and can be on site quickly if you need help.

Our team consists of experienced and skilled fitters who can quickly and efficiently find and repair damage and faults. 

Detail-oriented service team

Training and education

Our service team has undergone thorough training and education on our products, and they continue the culture that has been our hallmark for four decades: care and quality assurance down to the smallest detail.


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Assembly Department
+45 87 93 87 00 /


Do you want me to help you?

Service Manager Sweden
+46 (0) 70 362 73 44 /


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Project Consultant
+45 +45 87 93 87 20 /


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Key Account Manager
+45 +45 87 93 87 16 /

Want to know more about the benefits of taking out a service contract?

With a service agreement from DAN-doors , you'll experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're assured of a rapid response and rectification of problems that affect your operations.

You'll have access to our team of experts, who have solid experience in solving all types of operational problems and can help you quickly.