A versatile product range of customised solutions

Our solutions for dairies cover almost our entire product range. Dairies have very high requirements for food safety and hygiene, and our solutions include High Speed doors, hinged doors, swing doors and sliding doors for refrigeration and freeze, as well as fire doors and safety doors.   

Food safety and hygiene

Food safety and hygiene are crucial parameters in an industry that processes dairy products.

To minimise the risk of bacterial growth, hygiene is high and doors and gates in dairies must be able to withstand the rigorous daily cleaning and wear and tear that comes with it.  

At DAN-doors , we produce doors and gates in high-quality acid-proof steel, precisely to ensure that our solutions are durable and can withstand daily flushing and harsh cleaning.

All our doors and gates for chill and freeze ensure correct and safe temperatures to ensure food safety, and a lot of resources have been put into developing solutions to keep energy costs down.


High quality is part of our DNA.

At DAN-doors we pride ourselves on our solutions still being in use and fully functional, even after up to 30-35 years, and it's no coincidence that we develop our solutions to be robust and resistant to the use and wear that comes with different environments.

For us, high quality is a natural part of every little detail - from material selection to design and production.

All materials and components must be approved by our quality team before being released to our production, and our solutions are developed from solid engineering and extensive wear and fatigue testing.

Tailor-made doors and gates for dairies of all sizes

DAN-doors deliver

We work closely with dairies of all sizes that require solutions for the safe production of dairy products. 

This means we know the industry's needs and expectations, and our expertise has made us a sought-after partner with dairies.

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