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It has to be done right - the first time.

DAN-doors deliver

Assembly & Installation

Correct assembly and installation is essential to ensure that you have your DAN-doors solutions for many years to come.

Correct installation gives years of life to your door solution

Proper installation is critical to the life and operation of the product.

Several of our solutions are delivered ready to install, together with detailed installation instructions, but to ensure optimal operation, many of our special solutions require our competent fitters to carry out assembly and installation, so that all sub-elements and automation are fitted correctly with subsequent adjustment.

Solutions installed by our experienced fitters are guaranteed to deliver optimum functionality. Naturally, we aim to complete the installation quickly and smoothly, so you don't experience any disruption to your operations during our visit.

DAN-doors has well-trained fitters located throughout Denmark. This allows us to provide fast and efficient service should you need subsequent assistance.

In addition, we have our own fitters in a number of countries in Europe as well as a permanent team of travel fitters, and we also handle service assignments for our customers outside Denmark.

Experience is a strong card

Our fitters are equipped with a unique ability to make things happen, because even the slightest misalignment or irregularity in the site requires finesse and problem-solving skills if the door is to be fitted correctly. 

At DAN-doors we are fortunate to have a team of skilled fitters with many years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of our products. Every day, they perform small miracles as they successfully install our products so that they stand out - even in buildings with built-in misalignments or where removing previous doors has presented unforeseen challenges.  

Want to know more about our assembly?

Our many years of experience in installing doors and gates of all sizes for all industries has given us the experience that today qualifies us to be a competent and reliable full-service partner.

Do you want us to install your door too?

Call or write to us if you have any questions. They know all about what it takes to install so you have your door for years to come. 

Remember to write in the subject that your question concerns assembly

    Get professional and qualified advice on your special solution for doors 

    Our many years of experience with clients in many industries have given us the knowledge that today makes us a qualified advisor and sparring partner, and we are proud that our clients choose us and have done so loyally over several decades.

    Do you also want supervision and advice for your next special solution in doors and gates? We would love to do from you. 

    Send us an email at