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The robots are coming - and they are tested in climate change

31 January 2023

Universal Robots are specialists in developing and producing user-friendly, advanced robotic arms for automation.

Their cobots are cost-effective, flexible, safe and easy-to-use collaborative robots that work alongside humans in production environments, and with more than 800 employees in 14 countries, they are among the world leaders in robotics. At the headquarters in Odense, the cobots are tested and part of the test programme takes place in a climate chamber, where the cobots are tested for their resilience in different climate environments.

Climatic tests ensure that the robots can withstand being used in environments with high humidity, salt spray, freezing temperatures or high heat.

With tests in such different climate scenarios, it is important that the climate chamber doors are:

  • Robust and of good quality - so they last for many years
  • Tight - allowing full control over temperature and humidity
  • Well insulated - minimising energy consumption.

The climate chamber doors are therefore 150 mm thick and equipped with a highly insulating material, which creates optimal conditions for regulating temperatures (both cold and hot). Heating cables are inserted in the sill and door to ensure that the doors do not freeze when exposed to freezing temperatures and, for the continuous monitoring of the robots' performance, windows (with thermopane glass) are provided so that test personnel can observe from outside.

Universal Robots makes the wildest things, and their uncompromising attitude to quality and functionality has earned them a place among the elite when it comes to robotics. We're proud to have been asked to make our modest contribution to their future journey, and we look forward to following their robotic evolution.