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Fire doors in several safety classes

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Fire doors

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A fire door ensures that people, equipment and the building itself are damaged as little as possible in the event of a fire.

With a fire door from DAN-doors you get a well-crafted and solid product, manufactured in high quality with an elegant design.

Our hinged fire doors are safe and user-friendly and characterised by a very long service life. Our product range has been created with the customer in mind, and we can therefore offer a variety of solutions for different needs. We have fire doors certified to European standards and approved to EI30, EI60 or EI120 minutes respectively.

3 answers about fire doors

1) When to use BS and CE certified fire doors?

Since 1 November 2019, it has not been permitted to use BS60 doors as fire doors in facades.

BS60 doors may still be used on the inside of buildings if the doors are used for passenger traffic.

All fire doors placed in facades must be CE marked, which means that they comply with European legislation. The CE marking gives the assurance that all countries work to the same certification for fire doors.

2) What CE marked fire doors does DAN-doors offer?

At DAN-doors we have doors in these three CE fire classes (EN-16034-1):

  • EI²30
  • EI²60
  • EI²120 

All our EI fire doors for facades are CE marked and comply with the new standards for fire doors. The doors are supplied customised to your needs and can be approved without any problems as long as they comply with the maximum and minimum dimensions of the certificates.

CE marking of fire doors requires that they are tested according to EN 1634-1. Smoke doors must be tested to EN 1634-3 and in addition the FPC must be approved by DBI Certification A/S.

3) What is the difference between BD/BS and CE marked doors?

The overall difference is that BS doors are tested from one side only, whereas EI doors are tested from both sides of the door.

In tenders, CE doors (EI doors) can always be taken into account if BD-rated doors or BS-rated doors are defined in the tender documents. However, if EI doors are defined in the tender documents, BD or BS doors cannot be considered.

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Hinged fire door in white plastisol with stainless steel frame
Open white painted fire door in tyre centre
Stainless steel open fire door with panic bar
Wide fire door with panic bar for escape route
Blue fire door to emergency exit in Lidl