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How to move (Norwegian) mountains

We are excited to introduce DAN-doors's new Sales Manager in Norway, Gordon Dragland. With a background in the door industry and a wealth of experience in sales and customer service, Gordon will be our new ambassador in the Norwegian market.

Gordon has previously worked at Nordic dørfabrikk AS, both as a production and sales employee, and this experience gives him a unique insight into the challenges that customers face. Gordon's understanding of the production processes and the technical aspects of door design is a clear advantage when helping Norwegian customers find the right solutions, many of which are custom solutions.

One of the things that has been important for DAN-doors in choosing our new employee in Norway is the ability to build and create good relationships with customers. Gordon will be responsible for the entire Norwegian market, and his excellent communication skills and high level of service make him well equipped to help our many different customers in Norway.

We are confident that Gordon will be a reliable partner for our Norwegian customers and we hope you will welcome him.

Gordon can be contacted by email: and by phone: +47 93 44 50 25

Gordon Dragland is DAN-doors's new Sales Manager in Norway