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Vertical sliding doors

Tailored to use the space around the door

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Vertical Sliding Doors



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High reliability

Our vertical sliding doors for freeze have heating in both the frame and the door leaf, ensuring you a solution that won't freeze and is always fully functional.

The vertical sliding doors are available with both manual and automatic operation and with either 100 mm or 150 mm insulation. This gives you the freedom to choose the solution that specifically suits your needs.

All our sliding doors naturally meet the most stringent requirements in the food industry and are designed with safety, energy efficiency and durability in mind.

    The sliding doors require virtually no (or minimal) maintenance.


    Customer-specific solutions

    Our vertical sliding doors for chill are space-saving and comply with the strictest requirements in the food industry, where great attention is paid to hygiene, durability and functionality.

    With a vertical sliding door, you get optimal use of the space around the door, and these are high-quality solutions with great robustness that require minimal maintenance. 

    The doors are produced to your measurements and can be supplied with various optional extras, such as a pedestrian door, window and lock.

    3 quick answers about vertical sliding doors

    1) Which insulation should I choose for my freezer room?

    You can choose between 100 mm and 150 mm insulation for freeze. In general, 100 mm will be the obvious choice for general cold rooms, while 150 mm will most often be chosen for freezing.

    Other factors, such as particular temperature safety, may apply.

    2) Which service should I choose?

    If it's a high-traffic refrigeration or freezer room, automatic operation is the obvious choice, but even if you need to have a "free hand" during daily use, automatic operation can help. 

    3) What are the advantages of a vertical sliding door?

    A vertical sliding door saves space and can therefore be placed in places where space is a challenge. At the same time, it provides free space around the door that can be used for warehouse. 

    There can also be significant operational savings by choosing a sliding door - vertical or conventional - rather than a hinged door. For example, in larger food processing plants, where doors are opened and closed many times a day, the sliding door can minimise cold losses and save energy.

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    Shall we help you?

    You are always welcome to contact us if you need supervision and guidance to find the solution that suits your needs.

    We have experience with vertical sliding doors for all purposes and applications, and we'll help you determine what's important and relevant to consider for your particular project.

    We're always happy to have a no-obligation chat, so call us today or send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the right solution.

    Employee on truck has passed vertical fire resistant sliding door in freezer room
    Vertical sliding door acts as safety door in cold room
    Vertical sliding door in stainless steel for use in the food industry
    Employee with hat and gloves passes under open vertical sliding door in cold room
    vertical sliding door with downward function, opens under gangway