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Liability policy

Accountability is the sum of all decisions

DAN-doors attaches importance to

Responsibility as an important factor for our cooperation

For DAN-doors , responsibility is the sum of the decisions we make in relation to our employees, our production, our development, our quality management and the world around us.

Our people make it happen

Our people are at the heart of DAN-doors. They make it happen every day, and it's their knowledge and experience that enables us to develop, produce, sell and deliver intelligent, high-tech door solutions to industry.

A safe and secure working environment does not come naturally. It comes from a shared belief that we want to be an attractive place to work, where safety, well-being and job satisfaction are not something we wonder about because they come naturally.

We value our employees and consider it our greatest success that more than half of our colleagues can celebrate 10, 20, 30 and even 35 years of service. It's a sign that we're doing it right, and we're benefiting from the wealth of knowledge and know-how that's being passed on to the next generations.

Constantly evolving

DAN-doors produces door solutions that last for decades, and we're proud of that. We're constantly working on product development so our customers are assured of solutions that facilitate their efforts to save resources, and we're always one step ahead in devising solutions that improve our customers' bottom line through efficiency and energy savings.

At the same time, we exercise strict quality management and control over both our own production and that of our suppliers. All parts are handmade by our skilled and dedicated employees, who continuously monitor and test the quality and durability of the door's functionality.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the heart of our business model

At DAN-doors , we are aware of the environmental responsibilities that come with our extensive production facilities.

That's why we strive to operate a circular economy business model, with sustainability and environmental responsibility at its core, and continuously improve our production methods to meet our commitments as a responsible company.

It's also no coincidence that our products last as long as they do. We see it as part of our responsibility to minimise the need for replacement - and thus the use of materials and energy for new product production and disposal. In addition, we have organised our production so that around 90% of our raw materials can be recycled, even after 40 years of use.

Little things we do today

We have bought guarantees of origin from renewable energy sources.
See certificate.

We support the Danish Cancer Society with DKK 25,000.

We have processes in place to reduce our internal resource consumption, including water and electricity. 

... And more are coming.