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Sliding doors

A flexible range of sliding doors for all purposes

Reliable sliding doors for industry

At DAN-doors, we offer efficient and reliable sliding doors for chill and freeze and fire, manufactured to special dimensions and in accordance with the market's absolutely highest quality and security requirements.

FREEZE PROTECTION DOORS - A minimal energy loss

Our sliding frost doors are available with both manual and automatic operation, as single-leaf or double-leaf and with either 100 mm or 150 mm insulation. This gives you the freedom to choose the solution that suits your specific needs.

Common to all our sliding doors is that they meet the most stringent requirements in the food industry and are designed with safety, energy efficiency and durability in mind.

The doors are supplied with PIR insulation and with heating cables that prevent both the door and the surrounding environment from freezing.

The sliding doors require virtually no (or minimal) maintenance.

SECURED DOORS FOR chill - Specific solutions for all needs

Our sliding doors for chill comply with the strictest requirements in the food industry, where great attention is paid to hygiene, durability and functionality.

Our product range is highly flexible, allowing you to choose the configuration that best suits your needs, both in terms of size, operation and insulation, and they can of course be integrated with other automatic installations, such as conveyors or sluices.

For safety reasons, all doors are equipped with a strong stainless steel curved handle on both sides of the door, specially designed to make the sliding door easy to operate.

Automatically operated doors are naturally adapted to your needs, both in terms of the operation of the automation and the opening/closing speed, so that any risk of being trapped is minimised and to ensure that the doors always comply with the strictest safety requirements.

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Sliding doors


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Sliding doors - FAQ

What insulation should I choose for my cold room?

You can choose between 100 mm and 150 mm insulation for freeze. In general, 100 mm will be the obvious choice for general freezer rooms, while 150 mm will most often be chosen for deep freeze, but other factors, such as wall thickness or particular temperature resistance, may apply.

Which control should I choose for my sliding door?

If it's a high-traffic refrigeration or freezer room, automatic operation is the obvious choice, but even if you need to have a "free hand" during daily use, automatic operation can help. 

What are the benefits of a sliding door?

There can be significant operational savings by choosing a sliding door over a hinged door. For example, in larger companies in the food industry, where doors are opened and closed many times a day, sliding doors can minimize cold loss and save energy.

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