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Quality is part of our DNA

DAN-doors deliver

High quality provides high reliability and savings

With solutions from DAN-doors , you are assured of the highest quality doors on the market. For DAN-doors , quality is much more than materials and components. It is an integral part of the way we think and work, and our corporate culture is characterised by high professional pride.


Our sales team

For our sales team, this means an extremely high level of knowledge about our products and the different industries we serve, so that in their dialogue with customers they can provide the professional advice for which DAN-doors is known today.


Our technical department

For our technical department, this means care and control of all details before drawings are released for production.


Our buyers

For our buyers, it means maintaining relationships with our suppliers so we get the materials we need at the best price on the market, so we can keep our customers' costs down.


Our production staff

For our production staff, this means an extraordinary attention to detail, care and knowledge of how to make each door so robust and well insulated that the customer can have it for many years to come.


Our fitters

For our installers, this means a high level of service, care and experience in correct installation, so that doors are not worn incorrectly or unnecessarily and retain their functionality for many years to come.

Quality is much more than materials
- it's part of our DNA.