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Specific solutions for special needs

We supply high speed doors for all industries and needs.

Our customers have different requirements for, among other things:  

  • Energy efficiency
  • Opening speed
  • Application environment
  • Space

We have many years of experience in delivering customised solutions to a wide range of industries, so we supply both lightweight doors with 2 or 4 mm fabric and highly insulated stand-alone solutions.

Where the lightweight gates require night-time shooting, the stand-alone gates are so effectively insulated that the night shooting gate can be dispensed with without sacrificing the high opening speed of the high-speed gates.

Naturally, we supply our High Speed doors for freeze with all the necessary features and advanced heaters that make them suitable for use in freezer rooms with very low temperatures.


Minimal energy loss

Energy consumption is one of the areas where efficiency gains are greatest. High Speed doors are therefore an obvious choice for cold room environments, such as the food industry or logistics companies, as they help to minimise energy consumption in two different ways:

  1. They insulate the cold
  2. Their high opening and closing speed reduces the period during which the chill or freezer rooms are exposed to warmer air

At DAN-doors , we value responsibility and are passionate about ensuring that our products meet our customers' needs while contributing to energy savings and the environment.


Fast opening and closing speed

DAN-doors' High-speed doors are a family of robust and reliable snabbrullportar, developed with sustainability, efficiency and safety in mind and equipped with the latest and most advanced technology on the market.

The roller doors have a lightning-fast opening and closing speed, which ensures both optimal logistics and greater energy efficiency. In workplaces where there is a lot of truck traffic, logistics becomes more efficient when access conditions create a better flow.


snabbrullportar for special purposes

DAN-doors has a partnership with DYNACO that allows us to provide extremely specialised gates for particularly sensitive environments. With our DYNACO doors, you can get doors with special security measures for: 

  • Cleanroom
  • Explosion-sensitive environments

3 quick answers about High Speed doors

1) What is a High Speed door?

A High Speed door provides fast access between rooms, zones or departments. High speed doors are particularly suitable for high traffic areas, as the fast opening speed provides optimal conditions for smooth and secure logistics.

2) What are the advantages of a High Speed door?

High Speed doors are space saving compared to for example sliding doors. They require minimal overhead and side space, allowing them to be placed in most locations. In addition, they require virtually no maintenance and are highly reliable, making them economically attractive as they have a very long service life.

3) Would you recommend a High Speed door for cold room or freezer?

At DAN-doors we have High Speed doors with different degrees of insulation performance, and our product range can be tailored to all needs. We have High Speed doors with 2-4 mm insulation, which is used in combination with a night sliding door, and we have insulated doors with 100-160 mm insulation, which have such good insulation performance that they are fully competitive with both traditional sliding doors on insulation and with lighter High Speed doors on speed.

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Call us today or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the right solution.


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